What is "Smart Red Paper"?

"SmartRedPaper" is a survey form solution which you can integrate fully with your main system, and let data flow into particular fields automatically:
  • Simple, versatile and good looking
  • It is possible to integrate with your daily system. Then you can start requests from there, and data can flow back there
  • This page will let you can see this in action..

To begin with there is no userinterface to construct your form or survey or userinterface fields. That is really a big advantage. It is simply just a text with a few conventions.
For example, here is a form where we ask for a name, a consensus to email and a comment peoble can type:

Simple template:

Here (in a new tab) you can learn the conventions. But just by trying the button below I think you can figure it out!
  1. Enter email here to get a link to fill out the form:
    Send link
  2. Check your email and use the link
  3. Refresh the result below and see the result you collected

You can actually edit the form now and try (again and again), please go ahead.

 (after you fill-in via the link in the email):
Load result

It is possible to integrate data from SmartRedPaper into your system and be able to start the form from your own system, e.g. via a template like feature. Contact Frontspeed for more info.